You want the best for your loved ones.

You want them to enjoy a fulfilling retirement lifestyle. That may include helping them find the right living option — the one that suits them now, and for years to come. Meadow Ridge has the information you need to understand your retirement community options to help your loved ones make the right choice. Or, depending on circumstances, help you make the right choice for them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Independent Living

What is independent living?
What services and amenities are available at Meadow Ridge?
Do I have a choice of entrance fee options?
Will I have a voice in this community?

Health Services

What is assisted living?
How do I know when someone needs assisted living?
What if my loved one needs more than what’s provided in assisted living?

Skilled Nursing

What is skilled nursing care?
When is skilled nursing necessary?
When would someone need long-term care?


What does physical therapy and rehabilitation include?
Is occupational therapy the same as physical therapy?
What can I expect from speech therapy?

Respite Care

What is respite care?